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"The 17th Door" Set To Raise The Bar for OC Horror Fans

“I always wanted to do [a haunted attraction] to really push the limits…to really blow people’s minds”

Robbie, August 2015 Interview


Halloween is just around the corner (O.K., around a few corners…), and the ghoul masks, witch brooms, blacks cloaks, plus of course the haunted rides, are slowly coming out to play. Let’s face it, when have we not been fans of starting seasonal festivities a season or two early? Yes, it’s only just August, but if Christmas and Easter are getting hyped up three months in advance, then Halloween sure as hell is getting the same treatment! (Pun absolutely intended.)


So, you’ve donned the cloak, glued on your impossibly awkward plastic vampire teeth, and your dancing shoes are ready to rumble – what now? Trick-or-treating? Oh darn, then you remember you’re not eight anymore. Luckily for you though, you probably live in or around Orange County, which features an abundance of excellent theme parks, fair grounds, and haunted rides, mazes and houses. In fact, you’ve probably experienced some (or all) of them before! Ah, but there’s your next problem….You want something NEW, brand new, not just physically, but conceptually innovative and mind-blowing. Something that scares you to the bones and leaves you begging for more…

Alright, alright, let me really whet your appetite. Picture this:




THIRTY+ minutes.


Auto-locked doors, enclosed rooms, live actors and LIVE SCARES.


An experience more immersive than any Halloween maze you’ve lived through before, a story so engulfing that you truly feel like you are walking with the character…drowning among the very same demons.


Forget the unfounded scare-tactics, the over-dramatized music and monsters: this haunt has character, a real story, it has soul (there’s a pun in there). The experience pushes you just that little bit further than a haunted mansion, it offers you just that handful more than a usual horror maze - it truly edges you to your limits, making you part of their story.


“We went to go to a couple of these haunts….it was cool, but then I felt like there was a lot that could be done…a lot of room for creativity…I like that realm of being able to get to people…”

Robbie, August 2015 Interview

Who might the creators of such an attraction be, you ask? A mad professor, a bored horror buff, perhaps even a massive multi-billion dollar cooperation? Well, the answer is much simpler: a lovely young couple named Robbie and Heather; two people that simply did dream big, and went for it. With Robbie as the “master-designer,” and Heather managing the business side of things, it’s truly all-hands-on-deck for these two, who call this their “passion project”.


“I always wanted to do [a haunted attraction] to really push the limits…to really blow people’s minds,” said Robbie, when asked about why they began this project. Fortunately, with Robbie being the owner of a real-estate company and an automotive shop, this gave them access to material and equipment, as well skills required, to set up a haunted attraction. And as they say, the rest is history.


What makes this attraction so different though? Robbie and Heather pride themselves in their innovation, in making this an all-enveloping experience for the audience. The sets are tight, the detail amazing, the story-line chilling.


“You actually get to come in and absorb this world…You’ve GOT to experience it, there’s no passing by people.”

Heather, August 2015 Interview

Here, a brief summary of the facts:


  • the lead haunt character, and thus the star of our show, is a troubled college girl named Paula
  • the haunted experience takes us through her past, as well as through the current setting of the Gluttire University
  • we are taken through a genuinely human and hearfelt  horror story of the modern age, a true psychological horror
  • the doors are on a timer, so there will be no running ahead or running away…
  • it is an INTERACTIVE experience (essentially an “interactive show”) , fully immersive, too close and gross for most people…only advisable for the strongest of heart.


Actors guide you through every stage of this “experience,” leaving you barely a moment to come to your senses before moving on (you get to spend precisely a single minute in every “experience room”). With each individual room atmospherically-enhanced and decorated down to the tiniest detail, with each little visual effect and every planned out audio-scare getting to you, I honestly doubt you’ll have a moment to catch your breath. Add to that approximately 25 actors working at any given time, and an actual room coined the, “Buried Alive Room,” you probably won’t have much time to think about breathing.


So there it is. Be warned, my brethren. Haunted OC dares you to venture through the 17th Door. The Haunt will go live from Sept 25th – Nov 1st.


 by Genevieve Federhen, Haunted OC Staff Writer