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Rudabegorz Restaurant Haunting


Rutabegorz situated in Old Towne Orange, was built in 1915. It was once home of early citrus ranchers Daniel and Annie Crawford and their children. The spacious dining room and patio offers a place to relax and catch one's breath while "antiquing" in Old Towne Orange. The place took its name from a spin on the word for the unloved turnip — the rutabaga. Over time Rutabegorz has evolved through numerous menu additions and changing consumer tastes over the years into today's full service health conscious restaurant. The house has served as Tony's Mexican Restaurant and the Golden Maize, a South American restaurant prior to Rutabegorz.


This one-story building with a cellar is a very haunted location. The restaurant seems to cater as much to the spirited clientele as it does to the living. The owner and staff have had so many unexplained events take place over the years that they told us to "take our pick" as far as which ones we want to use for our book; so we did just that. Besides the spirits affectionately called Danny and Annie (after the original owners, the Crawfords), there is also a little boy and young girl who also make this restaurant their home. Comeau remarked that when she opened for business in 2000, things immediately began to happen and the resulting events proved to be a pleasant welcome.

According to Comeau, the first day they opened, nothing seemed to work and numerous things began falling off the wall. The Coke machine suddenly malfunctioned and then blew up; the cash register wouldn't open; several doors refused to stay shut; the electricity in the house stopped working; and, there were other small events that led them to conclude that they were not alone within the confines of their new establishment. The immediate collective sense was that for the restaurant concept to work, the living and the dead would have to find a way to co-exist. In time, the spirits seemed to accept their new owner and everyone now occupies the former home in peace and harmony; that is, most of the time.

A prior owner had two children who constantly reported seeing a little boy walk out of the kitchen toward them. This occurred at the same time each day. The owners were never frightened; just curious. Over time both children just got used to their phantom playmate as did their parents who basically adopted the phantom boy. Numerous staff and guests have reportedly witnessed the spirits named Danny and Annie walk through the corridors and rooms in the house. The specters are usually dressed in Period clothing and although mindful of those watching them, pay little attention to the living and go about their other-worldly duties as if the house still belonged to their family. There have also been reports of muffled sounds and unusual noises coming from unoccupied areas of the house; strong feelings of being watched by invisible eyes throughout the establishment; and, an occasional glimpse of the phantom inhabitants taking a stroll through their former residence. We heartily recommend that you drop in and have some delicious food and ask about their unseen visitors. The owner wants us to qualify the phantom aspect of the restaurant by stating emphatically that the spirits are always around but are never malicious; just a playful group of wandering souls who call Rutabegorz their home.

264 North Glassel, Orange

Phone: 714-633-3260

Website: www.Rutabegorz.com