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The 129 Year-Old Vineland Hotel Still Stands

Just a few years ago, driving through the 200th block of West Chapman Avenue in the Plaza District, no one would never notice that a rare piece of Orange history that still existed. Hidden behind a stucco facade storefront and lodged between Country Roads Antiques, and the "Ex-Mormons for Jesus" building stood the old Vineland Hotel. In 2009, the property was purchased by the Wahoo's Fish Taco Corporation with plans to restore the building for use as company office space as well as a functioning retail space.
An artist rendering of the fully restored Vineland Hotel now functioning as corporate offices and retail space for Wahoo's Fish Tacos located at 234 W. Chapman Ave. in Orange. The location is featured as one of the stops on the Haunted Orange County, Old Town Orange Haunted History Ghost Walk. While in it's original state, Haunted OC investigators had an opportunity to enter the structure and conduct some EVP (electronic voice phenomenon)  sessions. Caught on digital voice recorders were the sounds of horses neighing as well as a woman humming. The location served as a prominent stagecoach stop in the City. 

Click here for the Wahoo's Fish Taco Initial Study conducted by Martin Eli Weil, Restoration Architect for the City of Orange dated January of 2009.

"Dr. W.F. Bailey built a large addition to his residence as a hotel. It contained 14 rooms fully furnished and was named Vineland, prior to the grape blight of 1888. The two story building with a hip roof and regularly spaced sash windows. Ornamental brackets embellish the chimney but other than that, this building is simple and unadorned. Originally built on the rear of a one-story L-plan Victorian cottage, today that house is replaced by a stucco store-front commercial building which renders the original hotel building nearly invisible from the street. The hotel building remains in it's architectural state however, is barely visible from the street due to the presence of the building in front." An excerpt from the book, A Tour of Old Towne Orange 1999