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As the sun goes down and the nocturnal animals stir, other animals begin to rise. Join Charles Spratley, Haunted OC guide and lecturer as he leads you to discover and discuss some of the most famous examples of Cryptozoology. From Sasquatch and Yeti to the Chupacabra and others. We will cover their origins, first sightings and possible scientific explanations for these unique and elusive creatures. After the outdoor presentation in the amphitheater, guests will break into smaller groups and experience a night time walk-through of the zoo and Amazon's Edge Rainforest and perhaps catch a glimpse of some of it's nocturnal residents who prefer to come out after dark. 

A portion of the evenings proceeds go to benefit The Friends of the Santa Ana Zoo non-profit.


JUST ADDED - Ben Hansen of SyFy's Fact or Faked

"Ben Hansen has traveled the world investigating videos and photos of mysterious phenomena.  As the former TV host of a popular Syfy TV series called Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, his journeys have taken him both on and off-camera to sightings of alleged "cryptids".  Cryptids are legendary (or perhaps undiscovered) creatures ranging from chupacabras, Bigfoot, lake monsters, wolf-like beasts, and even mermaids.  Ben will share stories from some of his most exciting cases and the let the audience weigh the evidence.  Is there truth to some of these sightings?  Do these ancient and modern tales of mythical creatures have any common themes?  Will the future hold any new animal discoveries or can it all be explained by campfire stories and wild imaginations?"


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Bigfoot admission ticket holders will have one hour early entry to event and unlimited ride access until 6:30 pm. Experience a night time ride aboard the Zoofari Express Train and enjoy our all new ferris wheel and endangered species merry-go-round. 


Charles Spratley

Historian & Paranormal Author

Growing up in San Diego, Charles’ life is all about history. He started working for several museums in San Diego as well as the famous Whaley House and the beautiful and enchanting Villa Montezuma. Charles also worked as a guide for a premier tour company doing their evening ghost tour as well as starting his own tour company with former fellow employees creating a more adult based tour. He then traveled up to Orange County and there teamed up with the creator of Haunted Orange County and helped turn a small paranormal website into a thriving ghost tour and event company in OC. His regular day time profession is teaching elementary grade children as well as writing. His latest book, Piercing the Veil: Examining San Diego’s Haunted History was lauded by local historians and fans of a good ghost story. Along with doing tours, Charles lectures on the paranormal and folklore. His passion for local history as well as his love for the supernatural make him a real asset to the Haunted OC staff.

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