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The Antique Depot Hauntings

In the summer of 2010, Haunted Orange County had the opportunity to interview Karen Butler, long-time veteran staff at the Antique Depot  antique mall in Old Town Orange, CA. For years the staff and management have experienced other world happenings at the antique mall. Moving objects, feelings of being watched, voices as well as shadow figures have all been experienced by nearly each and every staff member. If you stop in on nearly any day of the week and strike up a conversation with anyone behind the counter, chances are, you'll  hear story of a first hand ghostly encounter that will make your hair stand on end or at least send a shiver down you spine. 

In 2011 Haunted OC returned with a team of paranormal investigators for our initial investigation into the claims of activity. The location was so active that it drew the attention of paranormal enthusiast musician Ryan Adams and paranormal reality show host for the Syfy Channel, Ben Hansen. Also along with our team were actor and paranormal show host Chad Lindberg (Fast and the Furious, Supernatural, Ghost Stalkers) and Jorge Diaz (Paranormal Activity "The Marked Ones).

In the video below, Ernie Alonzo of Haunted OC interviews Karen Butler, full time staff at the Antique Depot about some of her recent experiences.