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Also joining us as a special guest will be actor

JORGE DIAZ star of the latest Paranormal Activity

movie "The Marked Ones"



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Main Event 8:00pm - 1:00am

V.I.P Guests Start Time 7:00pm

General Admission $65 per person

V.I.P. Admission $85

(Platinum Members Please CLICK HERE to purchase tickets)

VIP admission includes a pre event mixer 1-hour before general admission opens, and a tour of the William Perry Mansion, snacks and refreshments throughout the evening and access to the V.I.P. tent. 



Heritage Square Museum

3800 Homer Street
 Los Angeles, California 90031

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8:00 p.m.                   Doors Open – Guest Check-in

8:30 - 9:00                 Special Guest Introductions


                                  Brief History of Heritage Square Museum


9:00 – 9:45                Investigation House #1

10:00 – 10:45            Investigation House #2

11:00 – 11:45             Investigation House #3

12:00 – 1:00              Investigation House #4

All guests will be divided into 4 groups that you will remain with all night and rotate through each of the 4 mansions. Each mansion will have a lead investigator stationed there who will lead the groups as they cycle through. Guest will experience a different lead investigator at each of the stops. 

Due to the historic nature of the location and the fact that we will be investigating inside structures that have been designated museum spaces, participants must remain part of the group at all times and may not venture into other parts of the house on their own.


About Heritage Square Museum

For 40 years, people have claimed to hear, see and feel all manner of mysterious happenings at Heritage Square Museum. Whether it is the nature of the Victorian architecture, the historic furnishings and paintings on display or something all-together different, “ghost sightings” have occurred at the museum since its inception. Haunted Orange County ventures into Haunted LA County as we investigate the Heritage Square Hauntings. Heritage Square Museum is a living history museum that explores the settlement and development

of Southern California during its first 100 years of statehood. During the day it transports visitors to the end of the 19th century, when California was a fledgling state and the former cow town El Pueblo de Los Angeles began shaping itself into the metropolis it is today. At night after the sun sets, the visitors depart and the last staff locks up the for the night it’s long time residents still roam the halls of its old Victorian mansions. Recently Haunted Orange County had the opportunity to investigate this property and we've gathered some compelling evidence, including disembodied voices on EVP and ITC sessions as well as physical contact and various personal experiences by our investigators. For only the second time, members of the general public will be able to experience these historic structures with a group of highly experienced paranormal investigators with Haunted Orange County.



What you should know:

You will be on your feet most of the time.

Food and drink is not allowed in any of the buildings at any time.

Buildings are not handicapped accessible.

There is no heating inside any of the buildings and it can get quite cold.

Cell phones must remain off during the investigations.

Use of your own handheld investigative equipment is permitted and encouraged.

Attendees are not allowed to venture off on their own. You must stay with your group at all times.

There are no food concessions on the premises.

In and out privileges are not allowed. Once the event begins, the gates to the property are closed and will not reopen. Cars will be parked outside the gates.


What you should bring:

Comfortable shoes, warm clothing, flashlight, camera, paranormal investigating equipment

                    Featured Guest Investigators


Ben Hansen - SyFy Channel Host of Fact or Faked, Paranormal Files

Inspired by TV shows like The X-Files which were popular while he was in high school, Ben cemented an interest in both a desire to work in public service for an investigative agency and an insatiable desire to explore mysteries of the unknown.  After graduating college, he worked for several private and public agencies, including investigating child sex crimes and severe physical abuse on the Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force.  His training and work later brought him to work in the position of Special Agent for the FBI.  His time serving at the state and federal levels gave him over six years of formal experience in investigating a wide range of crimes and national security details.  Feeling as though he might someday return to public service, Ben also felt compelled to seize an opportunity presented to him to assist in forming a new investigative reality TV show.  Departing from the mainstream paranormal shows prevalent at the time, this new show would not only conduct observation-based field investigations; it would focus primarily on alleged evidence already at hand.  The age of the Internet has brought with it the sharing of thousands of allegedly paranormal viral videos and photographs. People with a sincere curiosity for the unknown are often left with the tremendous and exciting task of sifting through the hoaxes and naturally explainable cases.  Ben and the show developers felt that after a methodical process of experimentation, whatever evidence remained unexplained... also became more compelling.  From this concept was born the SyFy hit television show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.

Having been with Fact or Faked from the beginning, Ben leads a team of five specialists who travel the world looking for answers to these mysteries.  Confronting the relationship of seeing and believing, the team has witnessed and documented dozens of unbelievable events.  Many people recite the phrase, "I'll believe it when I see it."  Balancing an innate human longing for rational explanation with the acceptance of witnessing undeniably strange events- Aliquandro videre non est satis- Sometimes seeing is not enough. 

Between filming the television show and traveling to events across the country, Ben also films aerial video and photography with remote control multi-rotor helicopters and teaches basic and advanced firearms courses as an instructor.  In his free time, he attempts to surf, enjoys basketball, rock climbing, SCUBA diving, and flying small planes.  He also believes firmly in the importance of volunteerism, especially when it comes to disaster preparedness.  He serves on his community's CERT team and the Disaster Action Team for the American Red Cross.  He also works as a Sr. Research Analyst for a non-profit disaster relief organization which is awaiting funding to fully launch.


Dana Workman - SyFy Channel Co-Host of Haunted Highway

Dana Workman, an LA native, is a contradiction in high heels. She’s been known to play ball with the boys by day, but come night, she’s primped, glossed, and dressed to the nines for an evening with the girls. She’s got the looks of a modern day vixen with the down to earth attitude of the girl next door. With a razor sharp wit, and sense of humor to boot, this has all proven a weapon for success for Dana, most notably as a host on SyFy’s new original series, “Haunted Highway”. This is of particular significance to Dana as it is a self documented show, giving her reigns both in front of, and behind the camera.
An entertainer at heart, Dana has covered events and conducted interviews across a wide variety of topics doing triple duty – hosting, reporting and producing. She’s traveled the globe covering stories in Macau, Dublin, London, Punta Cana, Vegas, San Francisco, and Tahiti.  Through all her endeavors, the thing that sticks with Dana the most is her  background in, and love for comedy!  On the show Poker2Nite (Fox Sports and Versus), Dana dished a satirical look at the weeks poker news in her talk soup like segment “The Weekly Misdeal”. She’s also guest starred in some of primetimes highest rated shows including “8 Simple Rules,” “Malcolm in the Middle”, and “Complete Savages”.  Dana can currently be seen in the hit comedy web series, The Flip Side, exclusively on Yahoo.com!


 Ellen Marron, Medium/Spiritual Intuitive

Teacher, mentor, researcher, lecturer, spiritual counselor are but a few words that are listed on my resume.    I come from a long line of sensitives. I have devoted over 30 years to the teaching of metaphysical studies. I use my expertise as a high school physical science teacher and incorporate that into the unique teaching of psychic development/mediumship. My goal is to take the mystery out of the unseen and educate my students to the coexistence of living with spirit. Understanding the con- cept of energy opens the door communicating with the spirit plane.



Don Staggs, Psychic Empath/Investigator

DON STAGGS, Psychic/Empath/Paranormal Investigator - Don (aka Psychic Don / Empath Don) has been aware of his abilities for around 50 years and in the last 8 years has used them in conjunction with investigating to help others both living and dead. Don ran his own team after starting out first as the bloodhound then lead investigator then owner. He has helped several new teams start up over the years. He likes to back up what he senses with scientific instruments to prove or disprove his abilities. He has been a speaker at several events on using Psychic abilities along with scientific evidence. He loves making new friends and sharing what he knows while learning from others.